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About me

The Youthful Granny VA is, you guessed it right – a virtual assistant! But that label doesn’t stop there. I am a VA cum professional writer cum lover cum mum cum granny, and all other “cums” that you can think of. Here’s a little something about me.

The Youthful Granny VA Mission and Vision Statements:

The Youthful Granny VA is a website specifically created to inspire and help people, especially those over 50, to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for writing and virtual assistance, so they can enjoy financial independence and an improved quality of life.


To provide assistance and information to people who would like to venture into the field of virtual assistance and online writing so they may be equipped with the necessary skills that they may use to improve their quality of life.


The Youthful Granny VA envisions a future where people aged 50 and above are employed and financially independent, to save for their retirement and face old age with self-respect and dignity.

What Can You Learn from The Youthful Granny VA?

In here, I’ll be sharing a lot of tips and tricks that people over 50 (of course, the younger ones can join) will find valuable, like starting a career, dealing with midlife crisis, becoming a better person, recipes, natural remedies (which I am very fond of), and more!

Join my team – I will train you personally and help you find jobs with rates that are commensurate to your skills.

If you’re a client, contact me and I will provide you with original, well-written, search engine optimized articles/ebooks/content.

Here’s what one of my dear long-term clients say about me: