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Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Life out of work | 0 comments

The SImple Joys of Grandnannyhood

The SImple Joys of Grandnannyhood


Being a mother is like getting your first job right after graduating from college. Yes, because motherhood is a career in itself, involving a never-ending learning process. You apply everything you’ve learned not only from school but also from people who’ve influenced your life, places you’ve been, and from the nitty-gritty of everyday life.

Grandnannyhood, on the other hand, takes motherhood a step further. Of course, you still apply your learnings but not in the usual sense. You can afford to be objective; i.e. you don’t get too panicky when baby needs to have his first bath or when he gets sick. You offer advice (sometimes unsolicited) and let your grandkid’s parents do the work (unless of course, they ask you for help).

And being a grandnanny is great! Whenever my grandkid, Rain, calls me Mayie (he still can’t pronounce it as Mommy), my heart flutters just a little. My son sometimes scolds me for being so indulgent. Well, I just can’t resist that beautiful smile…or the tiny hands that wrap around me when he’s asking for something….or the ridiculous antics that make me laugh so loud…or feeling his warm kisses when he wakes me…and opening my eyes to a two-feet delight with angelic eyes and a soft voice that says “Mayie?” as he stares at me, wondering if I’m already out of dreamland.

Or holding his hand as we walk through shopping malls, where he can lure me into buying fried chicken at Jollibbe, KFC or Mc Donald’s… or trying to grab my mouse when I’m working…or seeking my embrace whenever either of his parents scolds him…ahhh!! The simple joys of grannyhood is far too precious than any material thing that money can buy….

But alas, the days when we’re always together will be over. They’ll be moving to a place nearer my son’s office so our times together will be limited to a once-a-month visit or so. It saddens me, but then, I feel a maternal kind of pride deep inside me – because my son, Rain’s dad, is becoming a good and responsible father to the apple of my eyes.

A few years from now, when Rain’s already able to read, I hope he finds this blog and feel the love that Mayie will always have for him.

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