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Posted by on Jul 16, 2016 in Virtual assistant | 2 comments

This Virtual Assistant Must Have Done Something Good

This Virtual Assistant Must Have Done Something Good

So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.
fee8491744fb2db201c8534d36873c46Does the line sound familiar? If you’ve watched “The Sound of Music”, then yes, it is familiar. It’s the lovely song sung by Maria and The Captain, after they professed their love for each other.
Nah, this issue isn’t about finding the love of my life – found him almost 30 years ago – tied him to a tree and forced him to marry me…lol!!!
This issue is about a major, major blessing in my life that makes me wonder if I have, indeed, done something good to deserve it.
What would you do if you receive a Facebook message like this after a few hours of sleep?
This Virtual Assistant Must Have Done Something Good
Yes. I was shocked. I had to ask some friends for confirmation. Yes, it is THE Marv de Leon of Freelance Blend. And yes, he said, “We would love to interview and feature you on our podcast about freelancers.”
I pinched myself three times. Blinked my eyes 10 times. Maybe Marv mistook me for another virtual assistant? Maybe he just woke up or something? For how can somebody like me be featured in the 4th ranked show in iTunes – not only in the Philippines but globally?
Maybe if I were an admin of an online group like CJ Maturino or Althea Sagayno or Francis Edward Guintu, I would understand. Maybe if I were a notable freelancer like Catherine Quiambao, I would understand.
After 30 minutes or so, I said yes and asked what the topic will be (ready to receive a message that said, “Oh, sorry,  wrong person”).
And he said, “Hello po. Topic will be about your story, how you became a freelancer, so that we can inspire others po.”
I couldn’t believe my eyes! I guess I was on automaton when I typed my responses.
The reality dawned on me when he said, “Thank you po. My VA, Riche will arrange our interview schedule po. More power to you po and God bless.”
And when Richie asked for my email address and sent the questions and some guidelines.
And when I received the email that confirmed the schedule of the interview.
It’s to be on Monday, July 18, 8-9 PM.
It’ll be my first podcast, and I humbly ask for your support, guys. I may be a writer, but not a speaker. I might buckle. I might freeze. I might not be able to express my thoughts freely.
But the thought of you being there will give me confidence.
Are you in? Please say yes in the comments box below or in The Youthful Granny’s FB page. THANKS!!!!
NOTE: Guys, I was just informed that this podcast will be recorded and shown a week after.


  1. Hi Mam just found out about you in one of the fb groups and i am now backreading all your posts and i am very excited to hear about your story in Freelance Blend. I am not a freelance professional just yet but that is my ultimate vision for myself si I can spend more time with my son and husband. Thank you for your generosity and more power.

    • Hi reiannarivero,

      Thanks for your kind words. It’s people like you who inspire me to continue this blog. Thanks for the support as well. Great vision! I used to wish for that too.


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