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Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Virtual assistant | 22 comments

Want to Be a Virtual Assistant? 5 Things to Do

Want to Be a Virtual Assistant? 5 Things to Do

Being an active FB user, I receive a lot of private messages on how to be a virtual assistant. So here it is, folks, the Youthful Granny’s top 5 tips on how to be one.

Five things to do if you want to be a virtual assistant

1. Assess your skills

virtual assistant

Assess your skills

When I say assess your skills, I mean really sit down and ponder. Make three lists: what you are good at, what you are worst at and what you can do if you really set your heart into learning it. Be honest. Believe me – doing this step will help you big time in the long run.

Let me state my case as an example. I’ve always excelled in English (Mom spoke to me in English since I can remember). Reading has been a  fave hobby since time immemorial. I loved to write silly poems and songs. I taught Journalism to elementary pupils and coached them in division, regional, and national Journalism competitions.

Math, on the other hand, has always been my nemesis. LOL, never really loved searching for X based on a+b+c, or memorizing trigonometric formulas, or doing fractions.

I’ve always been amazed with technology and what it can do to make lives easier. Even though I learned to use the computer at the ripe age of 42, I knew  it’s something I could master if I really put my heart into it.

So when I was still on the setting-up-my-online-career stage, I did painstaking research to hone my English and writing skills; did my best on English and writing online tests; and searched for jobs which required my skills. The result? Five long-standing contracts that have decent rates. 🙂

2. Find the right job


Find the right job

Assessment of  job applicants is one of my tasks as a virtual assistant. I read cover letters, check resumes and work samples, do interviews and recommendations.

Honestly, it pains me to reject applicants especially if they’re fellow Filipinos, because I know how difficult it is to land worthwhile jobs nowadays.

The problem is, some applicants apply to the WRONG jobs.

Here’s an example. I posted a job for experienced SMM personnel who knows  SEO, SMM, SEM, especially Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. My client wanted it to be specific because we do not have the time for extensive training.

You know what? More than half of the applications we received came from people who had zero SEO, SMM, SEM experience. I know that somebody has to start somewhere, but not when the job specifically calls for experience.

3. Create a great cover letter

virtual assistant

Create a great cover letter

I might raise some eyebrows on this, but based on my experience, a good cover letter is one that answers the requirements of the job to a T.

The cover letter is your first contact with your client. Thus, it should be written thoughtfully. Here’s a guide that has helped me land two of my current long-term jobs. Read it. Learn it. Practice.

4. Prepare for the interview

Oh, so your application caught the attention of the client? He has scheduled you for an interview? Great! Now it’s time to prepare for it.

So how do you start? Do your research. Find out what your client’s business is. If it’s not stated in his job post or in his client profile, send him an email and ask. Yes. ASK so you can prepare for it properly. It has been proven that preparation is the top decisive factor in interview success.

To help you out, read this article on how to prepare for an interview. It’s got great tips. Need more tips? Here’s a great guide.

Does the client require a video interview? Then, this infographic might help:

Want to Be a Virtual Assistant? Here Are 5 Things You Should Know


5. Get ready for work

Congratulations! You passed the interview! Yes, you can celebrate, but it doesn’t mean that you can relax. Consider the first few days/weeks of your contract as the probationary period.

Be very aware that you are working in the World Wide Web, where virtual assistants are aplenty while worthwhile jobs are not as plenty. Your client can end your contract with just a click of his mouse.

So prepare, prepare, prepare! Usually, the first day is dedicated to orientation and training. Pay attention. Ask pertinent questions. Clarify instructions if you must.

You can be a virtual assistant too. It might not be easy, but if you really set your heart and mind to it, YOU CAN.

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  1. This is so great to keep in mind. I know virtual assistants do such a great job. If I need extra income, I’ll come back to this post for sure.

  2. That’s great advice for every job — not just for virtual assistants! I can’t tell you how many cover letters I’ve written in my lifetime! (For myself and for my husband over the years.) It’s so important to make sure you match the job requirements before you apply, too.

  3. These are great tips for those looking to become virtual assistants! The cover letter is a great tip and def an important part of the process

  4. This post is perfectly timed for me since I’m considering becoming a VA. I’ve been a little overwhelmed by the idea so this was helpful, thank you!

  5. These are all great tips for many different types of jobs, and the infographic was a great idea as well. Thanks for sharing what you know – I’ve got a friend looking into setting herself up as a VA, so I’m going to send this along to her.

  6. This is ome of the best guides I’ve seen lately. You can use it even if you’re applying for a different position. It’s important to know what your skills are beforehand​.

  7. It’s a must to look for the right job. These are nice tips especially for people applying for the first time.

  8. A lot of helpful tips!! I might want to be become a VA in the future!!

  9. Definitely great advice for anyone applying, not just VAs. Cover letters are so important – you don’t always come across the same way with just an application.

  10. Thanks for this post. I’ve been wanting to have a remote job for awhile, that way my husband and I can travel more together.

  11. These are great tips. I started trying to become a virtual assistant. Then I realized I had enough to do on my own before taking on clients.

  12. Awesome tips! Bookmarking this for my future references.


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