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Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Featured Article, Tips and Tricks, Virtual assistant | 17 comments

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

12794453_1112024658817710_7236616237781930630_nNowadays, when I attend gatherings, two questions that are typically thrown my way are, “What do you do for a living,” followed with a “Where’s your office?”

When I say I am a virtual assistant and I work at home, they ask, “Is there such a job” or “What do you do” or “Doesn’t staying at home bore you to bits?”

To that, I usually answer, “Yes, there is such a job. In fact, there are already millions of us spread across the globe. Some work for direct clients, others, (like me) are hired via work platforms like Upwork, peopleperhour,, among others. I do secretarial tasks for my clients. Those tasks include article writing/blogging, proofreading, editing, social media management, lead generation, photo editing…”

13423823_1177240462296129_7594110858263447294_nBut before I finish my job description, the person I’m talking to either shifts the conversation to another topic or excuses himself altogether.

To some, my job as a virtual assistant may be downright boring. Others, with a tinge of feigned envy in their voices, say, “Mabuti ka pa, nasa bahay lang ang work.” (You’re lucky you work at home.)

Hmmm, there’s a bit of truth in both, actually. I guess it’s just a matter of perspectives.

Yes, I stay at home, work while still wearing my pajamas or tent dress or my fave shorts and tattered tees, but I am far from bored.I love every bit of it, and here’s why:

I learn a lot

tree-200795_1280If I were not a virtual assistant, I would never have known how to use Hootsuite, Buffer, WordPress, Gramblr, and other tools that are essential to my trade. I kinda like the feeling of “supremacy” I have over my children and other millenials. Hah! This youthful granny is far from the grandmother stereotype – an old woman wearing round eyeglasses, sitting on a rocking chair and knitting a pair of socks for a grandchild. I sit on a monobloc chair or on my bed, hammering the keyboard of my laptop to weave articles that capture and engage readers; interpret the latest results of our company’s SEO strategies; create videos to up our SERPs; do extensive research on our competitors, etc. AND experts say that engaging in tasks that stimulate mental activity can help prevent Alzheimer’s!

I gain new friends

Of course, I love my long-time friends. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, shared tears and joys, but gaining new friends, especially those from the younger generation, is absolutely exciting! These young ones have become my support system. Whenever I find an app or tool too difficult to comprehend, they readily offer their assistance, explaining to this youthful granny, with all the patience they can muster, how things work. Not to mention that their vibrant attitude towards life is kinda contagious!

12745663_1099689410051235_8467041536849819412_n 12938279_1134575233229319_3437923889389742208_n 12963492_1139576062729236_8490051330680196713_n

I get to do more of the things I love

Being a work-at-home granny has some cons, but why worry about those, when I enjoy the pros?

I have a lot of time for the fam.


The hubby and I can travel often.


I get my share of warm hugs and giggles from my grandkids whenever and wherever.

13537680_1186230241397151_2112226015449010152_n 13103312_1147261875293988_711989029310790326_n 13434688_663476077134704_8504227792029939904_n

I get to spend a lot of time with friends….

269279_439883932698456_647001770_n 1934488_1088916894461820_6023275537310948405_n 12438972_10207014587058474_3636757069222963818_n 12507102_1081706035182906_7821918165044108762_n 13412950_1176727925680716_2418875150284612273_n

And I get to do a lot of cooking!!!

1919435_1075990679087775_4558394266275128120_n 10885300_436982879784026_4861888957880419128_n

So what does a virtual assistant like me do?

Work on jobs that I love, while enjoying everything that life has to offer.

Are you a virtual assistant too? What do you do? If you’re not, would you like to become one? Share your thoughts by writing in the comments box below. Thanks!


  1. I am so in awe with your skills and talent in writing that I feel so proud to know you. :). I look up to you as an inspiration. I still have to work on my speed and it up Mam!

    • Thanks, Mavic! Your comment kinda gives me the blushes! Why, you’re a good writer yourself!

  2. I am actually planning of resigning, to possibly be a VA, or do any jobs online. And I admire how your home based job turned out. I guess im just a bit scared of what will happen to me after i resign, seeing that there are a lot of Professional and more experienced Freelancers than me. 🙂 nice blog though. You somehow gave me a silver lining.

    • Hi Rochelle,

      Wow! Great to know that I gave you hope. You want a piece of unsolicited advice? DO NOT RESIGN until you have established your online career. It can be difficult at first, what with a day job and a family to keep. Resign when you have enough savings to tide you over tough times.

  3. This is such an amazing blog! I am always in awe when you write and share your experience as a youthful granny. You are indeed rare and inspire many of us! Hats off to you hot granny 🙂

  4. Hi granny! You are such an inspiration! Keep writing and keep inspiring. –Your fellow oDesker…uhm..Upworker and VA

    • Whoa!!! The Mighty Aleah is commenting on this humble blog??? Uh-mazing!!! This youthful granny is very honored by your presence..thanks!!!!

  5. Your domain name is so cute! 🙂 It really suits you! And I do agree with what you have outlined. For me, not having to endure the chaotic manila traffic (specially now that it’s rainy season again!) is something that I am really very thankful for. I resigned from mu corporate work on May 18 this year and landed my first virtual work 2 weeks after. It is so fulfilling to be a work-at-home-mom. And I am learning a lot of things just like you. I really am happy with the choice I’ve made. 🙂 following your blog because you are such a cooool granny! 🙂 keep up the good work! God bless! 🙂

    • Hi Michelle D.A.

      You got a nice blog, too! Thanks for the kind words, my dear. Yes, working at home has a lot of benefits, no?

      • Super po. Mas matimbang kasi ang motherhood sa akin but I know that I can still earn and help for the family’s expenses kaya nagwork-at-home pa din ako. 🙂 hihi

  6. Great article! Love all the positive points about working from home. There are many!

    • Yes, Tricia…there are many positive points about working at home. Thanks for dropping by!!!

  7. hello there!cool domain name!i would love to follow your articles and learn from you, i’m an aspiring writer and virtual assistant and a frustrated traveler.For someone like me who doesn’t have much administrative/corporate background, do you think i should take this online course on becoming a v.a. which by the way is a bit pricey if you ask me(5k). or maybe you can suggests websites/video tutorials or articles i can study myself for free??Thank you youthful granny and may you always be youthful and wise indeed.

    • Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for the kind words! There are many free courses online, but not exactly how to be a VA. You’ll have to take them separately. Allison and a host of similar sites offer free basic courses on a wide variety of skills.

      But if you are really bent on becoming a VA, you’ll have to invest in yourself. You can enrol in cheap online courses. Try Shaw Academy. Get vouchers from Metrodeal to avail of huge discounts. They have courses that cost only Php 99. Or take it a notch higher by enrolling in Udemy.Sometimes, they offer courses at $10 each.

      For writing, I advise you to create profiles in Ezine, Hubspot, and similar sites, then write articles and submit. They have editors (very good ones) who will suggest revisions (if necessary) so they can approve and publish your articles.

      You might want to join my group, Writers’ Forum and Blog Sharing and get insights from me and other writers. I’ll also be holding a series of writing webinars. the first one will be on November 14, Monday, 4-6pm.


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